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Performance-IT Consulting caters varied services from Web Design to Consulting

Web Design

The business has takes new dimension with the impression of the customer or users of your website. We help with designing responsive, adaptive user-interfaces that appeal the customer and the users.

Application Development

Performance-IT leverages the technological advancement We cater the application development services in multiple sectors of business range from Java Application, .NET Application Development, Android Development and Enterprise Applications.

Production Support

It is always tough for the businesses to engage in manage the issues arise in production. Any problem in production has to be addressed immediately with high priority and accuracy of the resolution. We understand the business very clearly and strive hard to ensure your business continues.

ERP Solutions

We cater our services across ERP Solutions such as SAP and PeopleSoft.


People are the integral part of any business. Right people bring their passion that stimulates the business growth. We specializes in finding the right candidate for your business


We provide consulting to companies from varied sectors such as Automotives, Banking, Product Development firms